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Isaiah Richardson
Isaiah Richardson

Ck2 Better Looking Garbs =LINK=

1. People will hate them for white-washing (Dunno what else I could do since PDX refuses to release good looking portraits for Brown people - And I absolutely refuse to play with the ugly portraits PDX released since that's not how Turks look)

Ck2 Better Looking Garbs

Download File:

Another quality-of-life-focused Crusader Kings II mod, Better Looking Garbs by Nendur simply makes the portraits prettier, adds more accurate garbs, and more diversity in the clothing style and apperance.

I worked a job where (due more to horrible traffic than distance) my commute could be 2 or 3 hours. It gives you a lot of time to get reading or whatever done, but spending that much time on public transit really wears on you after a while. I suppose it would be better or worse depending on the quality of local public transit and how bad the traffic is. If you will actually enjoy the job, that probably makes it easier to tolerate the commute.

So, by your standards, anyone who was in a fistfight in high school would automatically be disqualified? Can you offer any evidence that this would lead to better outcomes in terms of supreme court decisions?

Yes but it is only plausible, not very likely. Much more plausible would be looking through his actual decisions to see how he thinks, instead of attributing some personal actions to his legal beliefs about particular classes.

Do you:A) accept the flawed narrative as necessary to maintain the nation in a state that you find desirable orB) come in favor of building a new, more rational narrative that is better at supporting critical examination, and so ultimately make the national feeling stronger, even if it might require some compromise on the original values vehiculated by the first narrative?

Ok, that makes sense and is consistent; the narrative, while flawed, serves its purpose, and efforts to build a better one have proven unconclusive, therefore it is best for now to stick with the existing one.

Consider voting. The mythos is that every vote counts. The fact is that, in a presidential election, the chance that your vote will change the outcome is comparable to the chance that you will be hit by lightening this year. Arguably, telling people that truth makes the political system work worse, rather than better, since it results in rational people being less likely to vote.

I think a plan of figuring out which things should be downgraded from felonies or not put on a record is a better idea. Employers should be able to check for serious issues like past convictions for thievery or violent crimes.


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