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Isaiah Richardson

See About A Girl, Lee Brice -

Riley's mom Cherie, beamed with pride and excitement as she shared with me the details of that incredible, impromptu moment. Cherie was equally as proud thinking about all of the money that Brice helped raise that evening for such a worthy cause.

See About A Girl, Lee Brice -

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The first thing I notice about A Woman Like You is the more laid back, subdued sound from Lee Brice. On the first few tracks from him he was pretty out there in the vocals. He was gravely and really singing hard. It worked on those singles, but this is a new style from Lee Brice. There are hints of that gravel in the throat, but for the most part Lee stays pretty easy going and it works well on this record.

As the last notes of the final song drifted across the field and into the parking lot beside it, I drove home in a bubble of nostalgia and memories of simpler days, the lingering notes in my ears reminding me of home. From beer to trucks to love gained and lost, stories are what country music is about.

Vile was right about the War on Drugs. The accolades and popularity grew for 2011 album 'Slave Ambient' and 2014's 'Lost in the Dream,' which ended up on scores of critics' favorite albums lists that year.

Most country music studs are probably too cool to consider appearing on a talk show devoted to ABC's romantic reality series 'The Bachelor,' but Lee Brice had no problem popping up on the couch to gossip about the show's latest drama.

Galactic may not be the first band anyone names when they're talking about N'awlins music, but when it comes to reflecting that city's vibrant music scene, it's as great a representation as anything else. 041b061a72


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