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Isaiah Richardson

The Lessons We Can Learn From The Three Princes Of Serendip And Their Adventures

awaiting the return of the three heroes from india, pen and sword publishing has released the three princes of serendip by g. a. henty. the year is 1864, and the british raj is at its height in india. the three princes are all on the fringes of british power in india. all are men of great courage, strong leadership qualities and high intelligence, qualities which are vital in the british service in india. the author writes about the three men in a way which gives the reader the chance to develop his or her own judgement of the characters. in fact, so much does the author allow his readers to see into the characters, that it allows the reader to enjoy the book more than if the author had been more parochial. the story is a narrative of the three men's journeys into the forests of india, where they seek the elusive serendipity. the author throws in the line of a story here and there to give a double meaning of the word. a great bit of characterisation and description of the indian countryside is put into this book. it is a pleasant, if not exactly gripping book.

Three Princes Of Serendip 14

it was first published in 1854 as the three princes of serendip, and reprinted several times, in various languages, between 1854 and 1995. the recent reprint in 1996 was the first complete english-language edition since 1906. the first german edition was published in 1857, and a czech translation in 1860.

here are some pictures of what i've done this season to get the garden going. the first few are of the new fence and the pots planted in front of it. the next are of the three princes of serendip which i have planted just to the left of the fence.


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