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Adobe Illustrator Asking For Serial Number Mac Os X 10.6

The error "The license for this product has expired" is unrelated to the error "Licensing for this product has stopped working." An expired license means that a serial number, which is no longer valid, is still stored in the pcd.db database file. The valid serial number you received with your purchased product didn't overwrite the expired serial number during the installation process. Removing the expired serial number allows you to enter your valid serial number.

Adobe Illustrator Asking For Serial Number Mac Os X 10.6

Perhaps related, perhaps not, when I try to start Photoshop CS5, it brings me to the 30-day trial activation screen. This, despite the fact that I entered my serial number for the suite when installing it. If I put the serial number into the activation screen, it rejects it as invalid for the product (from what I read, it should be accepted ... a document here on Adobe's website said any application in the suite should accept the suite serial number). I know the serial number is good, because it works on my other machine (it installed fine and works on my desktop, and this is the laptop I am trying to get to work). InDesign, Photoshop, and Bridge are the only products in the suite installed on this machine. Bridge works fine.

Just for the sake of the general discussion and keeping everyone appraised of the situation, I uninstalled CS5 again (for the 3rd or 4th time!), ran the CS5 cleanup script (again), and did the repair permissions on the folders as mentioned in a tech doc previously posted. And then reinstalled CS5. And I am still getting the same Configuration Error 5, which pops up when I first run InDesign CS5 after reinstalling it. Illustrator CS5 gives the same error. Photoshop CS5 runs, but pops up with the Trial version nonsense (as previously mentioned in my original post), asking for a serial number, but of course it still won't accept the suite serial number. If I click "continue trial" it will run.

The problem is now fixed. Apparently it was corrupted or otherwise inaccessible data in the registration database; I had to enter my old serial number (the one I upgraded from) again, but otherwise no ill effects.

If you purchased an older version of Default Folder X before June 1, 2015, there is an upgrade fee of $14.95 (US) for version 5.x. If you are a registered user of a previous version, enter your serial number in the General tab of your Default Folder X 5 preferences and it will check and let you know if you need to upgrade. If you no longer have your serial number, please use our serial number request form to have us look it up for you.

If Default Folder X tells you that you need to upgrade, go to and make your purchase. You'll need to enter the name, email address or serial number from your old license to verify your eligibility for the upgrade.

Our licenses are "single-user", so you need one per user, not one per computer. You're welcome to use your license on multiple machines as long as you're the sole user of the machines. As long as that's the case, all you need to do is download the latest version of Default Folder X, install it on both computers and enter your serial number in both places.

In short, Adobe wanted to help those who still had valid, purchased CS2 licenses be able to still activate new installations (if they, say, changed computers or hard drives) after they had retired the CS2 activation server. For some reason, they chose to provide free access to these customers (and everyone, subsequently) to a new, downloadable version with serial numbers that would not require activation, but that would at least unlock the software -- all you needed to do was create or use your existing Adobe ID. After realizing their mistake, they briefly made another, removing the requirement to enter an Adobe ID altogether, before finally shutting down the links and redirecting those who visited them to the current CS6 site. As stated, Arstechnica has a more thorough explanation if you want to know more...

In an interesting move, Adobe has made the 2005 CS2 Premium Plus suite available as a free download for Windows and Mac platforms. While the software will have issues with some newer computers and though the software is dated, it's all here on Adobe's site, serial numbers and all. What do you guys make of this?

Please, do not forget to provide your correct e-mail address. When FastSpring will notify us about your payment we will send you valid serial number by e-mail (allow few hours for this procedure, but on weekends it may take much longer).


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