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Isaiah Richardson

Young Justice Book 02 - Growing Up (2021) (digi...

Here is an honest and clear digest of resources and practices to avoid the worst effects of screen technology on the young. The book will give strength to those who must make up the rules for guiding children and teens in the use of technologies. These have been touted as a great thing but have proven over time to cause behavior disorders, depression, and addiction. How do we cope? Growing up Healthy offers many ideas to help do just that - grow up healthy!

Young Justice Book 02 - Growing Up (2021) (digi...

This book fills a gap, describing the critical developmental phases in childhood, which have a bearing on the introduction of media technology. Acknowledging that not everybody will be able to follow the same approach; it shows how we can think through step by step what is best for the well-being of the young person in our care. Growing Up Healthy illustrates the legal regulations, the safety measures, and possible actions needed to prevent dangers or to address them appropriately while providing an educational standpoint which represents an appropriate balance between the needs of children and adolescents, and the restrictions which are required as precautionary measures to safeguard against the inherent dangers.

If you want the latest and greatest young adult books for your teen reader, then we've got you covered. Stay up-to-date with the hottest new releases in teen books and prove that you know what's trending on the bestseller list. It can be difficult to get teens to read for fun, especially when the books assigned in school are older than they are. But these interesting reads are hot off the presses. And studies have shown that reading for fun can have a positive impact on teens' reading comprehension and college readiness. So check back here often, because we'll update this list every week with the most recently published reviews at the top. For more great reads for teens, try out our lists of Award-Winning Books for Teens and Teen Romance Novels.

This Place is an anthology of comics featuring the work of Indigenous creators as they retell the history of Canada. Elements of fantasy and magical realism are incorporated throughout the book, telling the stories of characters like Jack Fiddler, an Anishinaabe shaman facing murder charges, and Rosie, an Inuk girl growing up during the Second World War.

Harold R. Johnson is a former prosecutor and the author of several books. In his latest, Peace and Good Order, Johnson makes the case that Canada is failing to fulfil its legal duty to deliver justice to Indigenous people. In fact, he argues, Canada is making the situation worse and creating even more long-term damage to Indigenous communities. 041b061a72


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