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Dominique Ansel: The Secret Recipes

In Secret Recipes, the hotly anticipated debut cookbook from Dominique Ansel, you'll learn the secrets to transforming the most humble ingredients into the most extraordinary, tempting, and satisfying pastries imaginable. Dominique Ansel: The Secret Recipes reveals the recipes behind his most sought-after creations and teaches lovers of dessert everywhere how to make magic in their own kitchens.

Dominique Ansel: The Secret Recipes

Although we consider this a book for adventurous bakers, beginners can also have a great time with this book. In the Beginner Recipes chapter, you have delicious recipes that anyone can conquer like Chocolate Pecan Cookies, Mini Madeleines, or even Popcorn Chouquettes. The more experienced bakers will learn the secrets to the exquisite caramelized crust of a Cannelé de Bordeaux or to the Perfect Little Egg Sandwich. The most adventurous will tackle The At-Home Cronut or the Frozen S'mores. 041b061a72


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